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Monosulfiram Medicated Soap is a Grade 1 medicated soap that helps cleanse the skin and relieves skin problems like itching, irritation, rashes and redness. It has a mild fragrance and can be used daily for adults and children.

Key Ingredients:
Sodium Tallowate, Sodium Cocoate, Water (Aqua), Glycerin, Fragrance (Parfum), Sodium Chloride, Sodium Hydroxide, Tetrasodium Etidronate, Titanium Dioxide Ci 47005 (Yellow 10).

Key Benefits:
Provides effective relief against itching and rashes
Provides relief against infections caused by parasites
Relieves sores and crusting of the skin
Helps fight skin infections and diseases

Good to Know:
Vitamins D, C, E and K are the best vitamins for the skin.

Best Suited For:
Irritated skin

Product Form:

Area of Application:
Full body application

Skin infections

Directions for Use:
Wet your body with lukewarm water
Apply the soap all over the body paying special attention to the affected areas. Lather liberally
Rinse off with lukewarm water
Allow the body to dry naturally or dry using a towel in blotting action

Safety Information:
Read the label carefully before use
Keep out of the reach of children
Store in a cool and dry place

Quick Tips:
Use daily to help protect the skin against infections
It can be used on the scalp to reduce itching and irritation

Frequently Asked Questions:
What causes skin infections?
Bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites are the main causes of skin infections.

How can I heal my skin naturally?
Cleanse the skin regularly with soap and water
Use sunblock daily generously
Moisturise the skin to keep it soft and supple
Do not use harsh cleansers and exfoliators

Monosulfiram Medicated Soap
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