Third Party Manufacturing


What is a third party manufacturer (especially in the fastener industry)?

Pharma third party manufacturing means outsourcing of the products or to get manufactured ones brand’s name from another manufacturing unit out. This is a very effective concept in many other marketing companies which are getting the most attention in the pharmaceutical companies. Multinational companies are also switching towards this method to get the best benefits. This is a very easy way to start your pharmaceutical business or to expand the existing pharmaceutical business of yours.

Pharma 3rd party manufacturing is when a firm or a company enters into the agreement with the manufacturing company to manufacture a product of the first company on the basis of its drug license. This is called pharma 3rd party manufacturing and nowadays most of the pharmaceutical companies are involved in this process as it brings a lot of benefits.

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Steps to get products manufactured by the 3rd party manufacturer in India

Getting the 3rd party manufacturing services is quite easy if you follow the right steps. Below mentioned is the procedure to get your pharmaceutical products manufactured by the third party manufacturing companies.

  • Firstly, select the brand name and composition you want to get manufactured.
  • Then send queries to the companies for the minimum batch size and price.
  • Choose the manufacturer by which you want to get your products manufactured.
  • Manufacturers will ask you to send affidavit and other details such as a license for drugs. These documents will assure the authenticity of your brand name to the company.
  • After sending this information to select the packing material.
  • Then deposit the initial advance in the 3rd party manufacturer or the third party manufacturing process has been started.
  • Manufacturers will book your product and you are done with this whole process.

What are the requirements to get Service from Pharma third party Manufacturer in India?

You do not need to have many requirements when it comes to getting the 3rd party manufacturing services in Pharmaceutical industry. Below mentioned are some of the requirements that you need to fulfill.

  1. Company profile.
  2. Address proof.
  3. Drug License number
  4. Tax identification number.
  5. Brand name nonresemblance affidavit
  6. Agreement for manufacturing
  7. Packing material printer

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