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At Pharmika India Top Pharma company, we offer a varied range of services covering almost every sphere of the pharmaceutical domain and these include our Pharmaceutical Export, contract manufacturing, regulatory support, third party manufacturing services, and packaging as well. As it comes to our manufacturing of drugs part, we consistently outperform all other counterparts in the market by using sufficiently certified products. As a top pharma company, our ingredients in preparing the drugs, liquids, creams, ointments, and other drugs are solely aimed at the betterment of the health of human beings.

We are the top pharma company and we use state-of-the-art technologies and high-end infrastructure so that the best products are manufactured, distributed, and exported from our site situated in Delhi in India. Apart from this, we have optimized pharmaceutical contract manufacturing solutions as well that encompass several other aspects such as in-house manufacturing thereby curtailing costs, increasing flexibility, empowering external expertise, and that too within lesser capital. In short, our clients can surely be delighted with all-round performance due to our contract manufacturing services.

In fact, we have been able to become a leading pharmaceutical manufacturing company due to our extensive regulatory services that comprise of appropriate and detailed documentation about the packaged products that are getting manufactured here. These consist of administrative information, quality data, and non-clinical study reports along with clinical study reports for the ASEAN countries mainly. For other countries of the world, some other documents like drug and product part/CMC also accompany the above-mentioned reports as well.

Dossier writing is another very important genre that we specialize in in this regulatory services portion. Added to these, we have our enterprise manufacturing intelligence, effective plant-to-business integration, packaging line execution and control, batch scheduling, laboratory information management system, and other related technicalities related to manufacturing services. Finally, comes our packaging part where we maintain compliance with medical-grade, non-toxic materials, oxygen, and moisture barrier measurements, and various other regulatory requirements that have made us a preferred Pharmaceutical Company amongst the clients.

World Class Contract Manufacturing Top Pharma Company.

Businesses today thrive by focusing on what they do best and leaving the rest to others. Contract manufacturing seems to fit neatly into this practice. In addition to allowing companies to focus on core competencies, contract manufacturers offer numerous other advantages over in-house manufacturing, including lower costs, flexibility, access to external expertise and reduced capital.

Small-to-medium sized pharmaceutical and biotech companies are positioned to bring 50 percent of new drug molecules to market in the next decade. With escalating R&D costs and the long path to new medicine, these companies are forced to view outsourcing or contract services as an important part of their manufacturing strategy.

Even with solid assumptions, it may be a struggle to achieve the hoped-for benefits. That’s largely because it’s difficult to manage complex relationships. Ideally, the parties would create perfect plans that would make it possible to manage the relationship

Instead; organizations need to take a strategic approach to contract-manufacturing relationships. Here we explain how businesses can do this by rigorously assessing when and why to use contract manufacturers, setting the appropriate working model and developing an effective organization.

In top pharma company, Pharmika India Pvt. Ltd. leverages its India cost-base together with its extensive expertise and technology platforms to offer competitive, high quality, custom manufacturing services to a global clientele. The facility has been inspected by various international regulators including the USFDA, GMP, WHO & ISO Certified. As a result, we have managed to evolve as one of the best global contract manufacturing companies.

Quality Assurance Guaranteed

The top pharma company Pharmika manufacturing facilities operate to the highest standards of quality control. As contract manufacturers, we understand how important it is to maintain good quality and thus we have a special team dedicated to conduct tests. Tests produced at all four of our sites are manufactured to stringent levels of reliability, reproducibility and stability.

Outsource to the experts in lateral flow

Let us strengthen your business – As a top pharma company and pharmaceutical contract manufacturing , we believe in helping our clients in every possible way. You can take advantage of our qualified experience and avoid reoccurring threats which affect your business’s ability to supply to ensure that you succeed in your manufacturing. We can also provide you every bit of industrial information that will help you to sky-rocket your revenues, and get ahead of your competitors.

Batch size – We offer flexible manufacturing and lateral flow test batch sizes are made according to the customer requirements. There is no minimum batch size. – take advantage of our qualified experience and avoid reoccurring threats which affect your business’s ability to supply to ensure that you succeed in your manufacturing.

Product packing – Many options are available for product packing in both foil pouches and boxes.

Functional QC testing – This is carried out according to specifications agreed with the customer at the project start.

Batch validations – Three batches of product are manufactured after a trial batch manufacture. This reduces the risk and ensures robust, stable processes, scalable manufacturing is possible.

Product and process improvements – With our experienced team the manufacturing processes will be robust, cost effective and fully harmonized and can provide improve on existing methods.

Contract Manufacturing: Win-Win Strategy

Success in contract manufacturing is lead by factors such as product quality, cost competitiveness, delivery schedule and CM/Customer relationship.

Product Quality:

Perhaps the most important thing in contract manufacturing is to produce high-quality products. This is not a very difficult task for us. As a top pharma company modern hi-tech automatic manufacturing processes are available of manufacturing consistently high-quality products.

Cost Competitiveness:

Pharmika India top pharma company Pvt. Ltd.  Our mission to protect and promote public health. We fulfill our mission in several ways: PHARMIKA contributes to the availability of good medicinal products on national & international level by stimulating the development of innovative new medicines, by assisting pharmaceutical companies with approval procedures, by evaluating the safety, efficacy and quality of new medicines prior to authorization and by constantly monitoring them once they are on the market.

In short, we make every possible effort to make sure that the Contract Manufacturing services offered by us is the most affordable without any compromise in quality.

Delivery Schedule:

Time is money for us. As All Contract manufacturers demand that their products be delivered within contractual time frames. The success of a CM largely depends on whether it is capable of meeting this requirement of Customers. Maintaining a Consistent and strict delivery schedule involves close planning of the entire production. Such a planning involves; Control of incoming materials. Maintaining an operating schedule of the production line. This can be taken care of by determining the number of lines and shifts needed, the manpower required and the process yield at Pharmika the top pharma company India Pvt. Ltd. Choosing us for your contract manufacturing pharma services will provide you the flexibility that your business needs, and thus help you have an edge above your competitors.

Customers Relationship

We know that the success of contract manufacturing depends on the mutual understanding between the contract manufacturer and the customers. The former must know how to service the latter, and must make clear his requirements (to the customer) in advance. The relationship depends on mutual trust, and hence the communication between the two parties must remain open. This will help both the sides to understand the requirements of maintaining the partnership.

  • Quality Policy

Since pharmaceutical products have a direct impact on people’s life and health, The top pharma company Pharmika India Pvt. Ltd. will unrelentingly strive for quality control. High-quality pharmaceutical products are manufactured in a production environment that meets WHO-GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). It is vital to ensure products’ high quality, while we must comply with the applicable laws and ordinances as well as rules and regulations in the course of all business activities including production, as well as collection and provision of information on product safety and efficacy. on account of the field of application, these products need to fulfill optimal quality and safety standards.

Quality embodies the spirit of the company. Quality is apparent right from the moment you step into the premises, in the numerous facets ingrained and internalized into the company’s ethos.

The slogan “Promise for a healthier world” was deeply etched into every logo of the Company, special Quality Management Division spearheads the concept of Total Quality Management, and integration of all functions with built-in quality.

The quality management system is based on the following principles:

  • Transparent and documented procedures.
  • Clear assignment of responsibilities.
  • Continuous improvement.
  • Controlled production processes.
  • Educated and well-trained employees.
  • Continuous safety monitoring.

Packaging :-

Pharmika’s experienced quality control department maintains the integrity, honesty, and reliability of our spectrum of products and extends to swathe the packaging of every product to maintain safety and stability. In every packaging option, packaging materials and processes conform to international standards, with regard to a host of critical parameters, including :

  • Medical grade, non-toxic materials
  • Compliance with all regulatory requirements
  • Excellent oxygen and moisture barrier properties whenever required.
  • Consistent top quality
  • Printed shipper available on request

Optimum packaging is complemented by a classy, contemporary look, created by in-house design professionals, and executed at top-of-the-line printing presses. Packaging and labeling are continuously reviewed to enhance aesthetics and clarity.

The close attention to packaging quality extends to its storage. Separate areas are reserved for different types of packaging, with aluminum and PVC foils stored at the optimum temperature.


The packaging department of the top pharma company Pharmika India Pvt. Ltd. comprises of a dedicated team of highly qualified professionals who always keep in mind the various essential factors such as quality, integrity, honesty, and dependability while packaging the manufactured pharmaceutical products. First and foremost, we always have to make sure about the safety and security issues while packaging these products because these are highly sensitive components and any contamination of the same can lead to detrimental results staining the reputation of our clients, which is not at all desirable. Moreover, the packaging is often being done to be exported to distant countries, which requires extra attention because of the time factor and hence, accordingly, suitable measures are also taken from our side.

Our packaging team ensures that all the products are of medical grade and non-toxic that is certified by the renowned names of the world like World Health Organization, US-FDA, GMP as well as ISO 9001. We, as a pharmaceutical packaging company, have also made a mark in the domain of pharmaceutical industry mainly due to our compliance with all the necessary regulatory requirements. Packaging is the prior prerequisite before being distributed and exported to far-off lands and also within the country as well. And hence, this can lead to accidental exposure risks or other related problems for which, optimum measures ought to be taken by the packaging team of Pharmika India Pvt. Ltd.. These include adequate barrier arrangements from oxygen and moisture that can grossly affect pharmaceutical products if the same come in contact with these compounds.

Apart from maintaining all these features with utmost meticulousness, our packaging team is also very much particular about the quality of standard of the packaged pharmaceutical products and follows the latest industry levels in order to ensure maximum compliance. We also provide printed shippers on request and above all, our packaging finishes with a contemporary yet classy look with the help of creative touches given by the in-house design professionals with the help of appropriate aluminum and PVC foils. The packaging and labeling go hand in hand so that a great end product is ensured finally.

Why Choose Us?

If you are looking out for an overall pharmaceutical solution, the Pharmika India Pvt. Ltd. might just be the stop you are looking for. We are a complete package of pharmaceutical, OTC and Nutraceutical products that are manufactured, packaged, distributed and exported by us as well. We provide advanced manufacturing services blended with appropriate manufacturing excellence, contract manufacturing, Regulatory services and packaging as well.

As a pharmaceutical manufacturer, we understand the importance of quality standards in all our products and take utmost care while manufacturing the same with adequate help from the doctors, pharmacists and our research and development team. At the same time, our professionals are highly talented and knowledgeable who make sure that the ingredients and products are well certified from all the vital organizations like World Health Organization, US-FDA, GMP and ISO 9001 brands that make these completely reliable for the clients and ultimately for the end users or the common people who will be using the same. All these factors make us a trusted pharmaceutical brand.

Apart from the above-mentioned features, there are various other reasons why you will always make us your all-time pharmaceutical partner. These comprise of our environment friendly and healthy services inclusive of proper sanitation, completely computerized and HVAC systems. In addition to these, we also take into consideration the disposal factors by following the government laid down guidelines correctly so that the hale and hearty state of the atmosphere is not at all compromised at any cost.

Our zero-discharge effluent plant treatment plant takes into account all these matters and not only that, we have separate compartmentalized portions for specific processes so that all the processes are carried out simultaneously without any interruption but at the same time, are integrated in an adequate manner. Our pharmaceutical products are also distributed and exported on time to our clients irrespective of within India and outside and above all, we make the most affordable pharmaceutical drugs along with incorporating the quality factor in our products too.

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