BIG MUSCLES Crude Whey + Real BM Vitamin ( free )

Crude whey is a synonym for quality with affordability. If you are looking for premium quality whey protein to support your muscle growth and fitness goals without adding a lot of dent to your pocket then you should try your hands on Crude whey Protein.

If you are someone who likes to consume Whey Protein along with the dash of some good flavours , Crude Whey is the best Whey protein that you can try your hands on.

It comes in two delicious flavors like Rich Chocolate and Cafe Latte.

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Mix one heaping scoop of crude whey in 150ml chilled water and shake it generously for about 5–6 seconds.

As it is unflavoured you can even mix one scoop of crude whey protein in any dish that lacks protein like smoothies/oatmeal/cookies/Energy bars etc.


  • Whey Protein Concentrate, Maltodextrin, Contains No Preservatives, No Flavoring Substances. Allergens: Contains Milk.
BIG MUSCLES Crude Whey + Real BM Vitamin ( free )
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