Gastrointestinal (GIT) Medicine

Gastrointestinal (GIT) Medicine

Gastrointestinal (GIT) Medicine Manufacturers and exporters

Nowadays, digestive issues have become a common household phenomenon all over the world. The excessive intake of processed and contaminated food along with irregular eating patterns is a major cause of such diseases. Almost 11% of the global adult population is being diagnosed with chronic GIT diseases and if we take all the day-to-day issues into account, the number can be overwhelming.

In these circumstances, there has been an increase in global demand for gastrointestinal medicines. To meet these demands, Pharmika India offers a wide range of gastrointestinal agents which include, antacids, antidiarrheals, digestive enzymes, functional bowel disorder agents, gallstone solubilizing agents, and many more.

We have leveraged our ultra-modern manufacturing facilities along with its talented research team to accelerate the production of these GIT Medicines. The use of state-of-art technology ensures high production efficiency which makes our products cost-effective without compromising quality.

Gastrointestinal Medicines Exporters

Pharmika India PVT. LTD. is a US-FDA and WHO-GMP certified gastrointestinal drug exporting company. We are known for the on-time delivery of orders and excellent customer support. We serve major pharmacies across various parts of the world. Our major client base comes from the USA, UK, Gulf Countries, Vietnam, Philippines, South East Asia, and Africa. We are also among the top gastrointestinal medicine suppliers in India.

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 GIT Agent

H.Pylori Kit of Rabeprazole + Clarithromycin + Tinidazol20mg + 250mg + 500mg, 20mg + 500mg + 500mgTabletsGIT AgentView
H.Pylori Kit of Pantoprazole + Clarithromycin + Tinidazol40mg + 250mg + 500mgTabletsGIT AgentView
H.Pylori Kit of Esomeprazole + Clarithromycin + Tinidazol40mg + 500mg + 500mg , 40mg+250mg+500mgTabletsGIT AgentView
Aluminium hydroxide + Megnesium Hydroxide + Simethicone250mg + 250mg + 50mgSyrupGIT AgentView
Aluminium hydroxide And Megnesium Hydroxide Tablets400mg + 400mgTabletsGIT AgentView
Mefenamic acid And Dicyclomine Tablets250mg + 10mgTabletsGIT AgentView
L-Ornithine-L-Aspartate And Pancreatin Tablets150mg + 100mgTabletsGIT AgentView
Alpha amylase And Pepsin Syrup18.75mg + 12.5mgSyrupGIT AgentView
Famotidine Injection20mg, 40mgInjectionGIT AgentView
Dexlansoprazole Injection30mgInjectionGIT AgentView
Omeprazole Injection40mgInjectionGIT AgentView
Pyrantel Pamoate Tablets250mgTabletsGIT AgentView
Pantoprazole And Domperidone Capsules40mg + 30mgCapsulesGIT AgentView
Pantoprazole Tablets20mg, 40mgTabletsGIT AgentView
Rabeprazole And Domperidone Capsules20mg + 10mgCapsulesGIT AgentView
Rabeprazole And Itopride Capsules20mg + 150mgCapsulesGIT AgentView
Misoprostol Tablets200mgTabletsGIT AgentView
Ofloxacin And Ornidazole Tablets200mg + 500mgTabletsGIT AgentView
Esomeprazole And Domperidone Capsules40mg + 30mgCapsulesGIT AgentView
Esomeprazole Tablets20mg, 40mgTabletsGIT AgentView
Esomeprazole Injection40mgInjectionGIT AgentView
Dried Aluminium Hydroxide, Magnesium Hydroxide And Simethicone Tablets350mg + 350mg + 30mgTabletsGIT AgentView
Domperidone Tablets10mgTabletsGIT AgentView
Omeprazole And Domperidone Capsules20mg + 10mgCapsulesGIT AgentView
Omeprazole Capsules20mg, 40mgCapsulesGIT AgentView
Promethazine hydrochloride Tablets10mg,25mgTabletsGIT AgentView
Rabeprazole Injection20mgInjectionGIT AgentView
Rabeprazole Tablets20mgTabletsGIT AgentView
Lansoprazole Tablets30mgTabletsGIT AgentView
Cimetidine Tablets400mgTabletsGIT AgentView
Albendazole Tablets300mg,400mgTabletsGIT AgentView

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