Anxiolytics Drugs Supplier, Exporter & Manufacturers

Anxiolytics Drugs Supplier, Exporter & Manufacturers

Top Anxiolytics Drugs Manufacturers

A study by the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 792 million people lived with a mental health disorder in 2017, which is about 10.7% of the global population. Out of all these mental health issues, anxiety is the most prevalent and accounts for 35% of the total number. This is primarily due to the increasing mental stress levels and overindulgence with technology. Today, there is a huge demand for medication for this mental health issue in the form of anxiolytic drugs.

To satisfy these demands, Pharmika India PVT. LTD. has leveraged an entire team of specialists who work continuously to develop the best quality anxiolytic formulations. We are constantly working towards cost reduction so that we can reach every section of the society.

Anxiolytics Drugs Exporters

Pharmika India is well known for its anxiolytic drug exports in the global pharmaceutical industry. We have a wide client base in all the major countries like UK, USA, Gulf countries, South East Asia, Philippines, Canada, Africa, and many more.

Our product quality is certified by US FDA and WHO-GMP, and our deliveries are on-time. We also have extended customer support to help you out with all your queries. So, if you are choosing us as pharmaceutical wholesalers, and exporters, then you can be assured to get the utmost customer satisfaction.

If you want to know more about our anxiolytic drug manufacturing, supply and exports then you can feel free to contact us.


Chlordiazepoxide Tablets10mg, 25mgTabletsAnxiolyticsView
Nitrazepam Tablets5mg, 10mgTabletsAnxiolyticsView
Acamprosate Calcium Tablets333mgTabletsAnxiolyticsView
Lorazepam Tablets1mg, 2mgTabletsAnxiolyticsView
Disulfiram Tablets250mgTabletsAnxiolyticsView
Etizolam Tablets0.25mg, 0.5mg, 1mgTabletsAnxiolyticsView
Clobazam Tablets5mg, 10mg, 15mgTabletsAnxiolyticsView
Zolpidem Tablets5mg, 10mgTabletsAnxiolyticsView

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