Anticonvulsant Drugs Supplier, Exporter & Manufacturers

Anticonvulsant Drugs Supplier, Exporter & Manufacturers

Anti-Convulsant Drugs Manufacturers

Epilepsy is the most common chronic non-communicable neurological disease that affects people of all ages. Today, about 50 million people worldwide have epilepsy and 80% of them live in low- and middle-income countries. Unfortunately, epileptic patients and their families often suffer from stigma and discrimination, especially in the underdeveloped parts of the world.

These patients have three times higher risks of premature death compared to normal human beings. However, a WHO report estimates that up to 70% of people living with epilepsy can live seizure-free if diagnosed properly.

Pharmika India Pvt Ltd takes responsibility as an Anticonvulsant Drug manufacturer to provide better lives for epileptic patients. We develop the highest-quality anti-convulsant drugs at the most affordable prices so that they can reach even the poorest sections of society.
The manufacturing process is carried out at top-quality facilities that are certified by WHO-GMP and US-FDA, which ensures the genuineness of our products.

Anticonvulsant Drugs Exporters

Today, Pharmika India PVT. LTD. is one of the most reputed Anti-Convulsant Drugs Suppliers and exporters. We are spread across various parts of the world including the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, South-East Asia, Africa, and Gulf countries. We are also among the top Anti Convulsant Drugs Wholesalers in India and the world.

We are continuously leveraging our extremely skilled workforce to improve the quality of our services to reach the most underprivileged parts of the world and improve their lives.

If you resonate with our novel vision and want to do business with us then you can contact us today.

 AntiConvulsant Drugs

Trihexyphenidyl HCI Tablets2mg, 5mgTabletsAntiConvulsantView
Pregabalin Capsules75mg, 150mgCapsulesAntiConvulsantView
Phenytoin Sodium Tablets100mg, 300mgTabletsAntiConvulsantView
Carbamazepine Tablets200mg,300mg,400mgTabletsAntiConvulsantView
Gabapentin And Methylcobalamin Tablets300mg + 750mcgTabletsAntiConvulsantView
Gabapentin Capsules300mg, 400mgCapsulesAntiConvulsantView
Lamotrigine Tablets50mg,100 mgTabletsAntiConvulsantView
Topiramate Tablets25mg,50mg,100 mgTabletsAntiConvulsantView
Clobazam Tablets5mg,10mg,20mgTabletsAntiConvulsantView
Clobazam Tablets150mg, 300mg, 600mgTabletsAntiConvulsantView
Divalproex Sodium Tablets250mg, 500mg, 750mgTabletsAntiConvulsantView
Levetiracetam Tablets250mg, 500mg, 750mgTabletsAntiConvulsantView

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